When do you know if your fiancé is eligible for a divorce?

Matrimonial site matrimonial.com said it had received an “unauthorised letter” that was “very similar” to a letter sent to the site by an official from the Federal Court of Justice.

“We are investigating and we will let you know as soon as possible,” Matrimonios spokesperson Maria Grazia told ESPN.

The letter was sent to Matrimoniys owner Roberto Carlino on Sunday evening, shortly before the site’s announcement that it had begun divorce proceedings against his partner, Francesca.

Matrimoniolos spokesperson Maria Grigio said the letter was “a little bit suspicious”, as the couple had been married for “two years” and “have been together for over ten years”.

“They have lived together for the last five years, they have two kids, two grandkids,” she added.

“And they were never married, they were living together as husband and wife, and the official from Federal Court said that they were married for two years.”

Grazia also confirmed that the couple was no longer registered in the State of India and had been living in the US.

“It’s very sad, we’re not happy with it, but we’re still in India, and we’re going to work with the Federal Government to resolve this issue,” she said.

Matriarchal sites have become popular in India over the last decade, with some of the country’s largest matrimonic sites offering free divorces and a range of services including marriage counselling and child custody.

However, the site matriarchies.com says it does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, and claims to be the only matrimonian site in India.

Matryons website says the couple were married in a civil ceremony in the Indian city of Chennai in July 2014.

The website says Francesca and Roberto are the sole members of the couple, with the rest of the partners and their children also living together.

“In order to give the best experience to our users, we ask that they please make their contact details available to us, as we are unable to contact our partners and the children,” Matryons spokesperson Maria Garzio told ESPN in an email.

The couple’s lawyer, Gavita Rao, said the couple’s case was “complicated” but would be resolved in the courts.

“The Federal Court is looking into this matter and will provide its opinion in the very near future,” Rao told ESPN, declining to comment further on the case.

“However, we have contacted the Federal and State authorities to seek information from them and if they can assist us, we will take it forward,” she wrote.

“At this time, there is no reason for us to give any statement to the media.”