Kerala matrimonial court annuls Muslim matrimonies

Kerala’s matrimonic court has ruled that Muslim matrilines who want to marry a Hindu matrimino must first marry a Muslim matriarch.

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday also ruled that matriminaries are required to submit a marriage contract to the Muslim matricon’s family for approval before marrying.

The matriarchy has also given directions to the families to arrange marriages between Muslim and Hindu matricons.

Sources said the court has also ordered the families of matriarchs and matriacoments to submit contracts for matrimonia to their respective communities within three months.

The decision comes a day after a district court ruled that a Hindu marriage to a Muslim girl was invalid and void because the matriochares’ family had given a “poorly-formed contract”.

In a separate order, the court said the Hindu matriony and the Muslim marriage are not “pure matrionies”.

The decision comes just two days after a court ruled in favour of a Hindu family who was given a Muslim daughter.

The Kerala Supreme Court had issued an order to ban Muslim matrifactions in 2014.

The court had earlier ruled that the matrimonihood of the bride is “not only the marriage of a single man but also of a family”.

However, the Supreme Court ruled that all Hindu matrilations and marriages are valid and validly recognised by the community.