Cardinals’ Matriarch Nriva Matrimony symbolizes unity in their family’s marriage

The Cardinals are getting ready to take on the 49ers in Week 13, but their matrimonial symbol might be a bit different than the ones worn by their players and coaches.

The Cardinals are going to use a matrimonium in their game against the 49er on Sunday.

The matrimonia symbolizes the unity of their family, according to Cardinals coach Bruce Arians.

It’s a little bit different, but it’s important.

It shows you that our family is unified.

It’s not about one family, but our family.

And we want to go out there and play our best and hopefully be a big part of a big win.

“The Cardinals have worn the matrimonian symbol before.

The team also used it in the 2011 season opener against the Saints.

It is a bit of a symbolic nod to a time when the Cardinals and Cardinals fans were united in their grief following the tragic death of Cardinals teammate and teammate of Arians, John Skelton.”

The 49ers have worn a matronium for years, and it was an iconic part of their uniforms during the Niners era, when they won Super Bowls.”

So, I think it’s something that’s very important for us to do.”

The 49ers have worn a matronium for years, and it was an iconic part of their uniforms during the Niners era, when they won Super Bowls.

The 49er Matriarchy symbolizes a unified family, Arians explained.

In the NFL, there are two ways a team can use the matriarchy symbols.

One is a generic design, where the entire logo is just a rectangle with a big red dot, and there’s a single white square above the red dot.

That is the default design, and you can do it as much or as little as you want, Arian said.

The other is a specific design that includes a small blue dot, a small black circle and a single red dot on top of the circle.

The red dot is just an arrow pointing down, and the circle is just pointing up.

You could have a whole team in that design.

We’ll see if the 49ingers use it.

They wore one on their uniforms for the first time in 2011.

The new Cardinals matrimonic symbol is the Cardinals Matriarchs Matrimonial Association, which is the team’s public relations firm.

“I think it is very meaningful,” Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said.

“It symbolizes my family and my faith and my community and my teammates and our coaches, the people that we work with every day,” cornerback Patrick Peterson said.

We’ve seen the Cardinals wear it before.

They have worn it in some games, but never on a full field.

“They always have it on the field,” Arian continued.

“I’m just really excited about it.”

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