Which Spanish matrimonial couple are in the top 100 richest?

Matrimonial wealth is up around 2% in 2020 according to new data from the Spanish Association of Matrimonios (ASM), which has seen a rise of almost 2%.

The data also revealed that in 2020, the median matrimones were earning around €1.8m (£1.5m) more than the median couple in Spain in 2019.

The association, which is the Spanish equivalent of the World Bank, said that in 2019 the median married couple earned €1,077 per month, or €18,800.

That means that, on average, the matrimonees in 2020 earned a staggering €7,200 per month or €1m per month. 

A similar rise in the median salary is expected to hit the average married couple in 2021, as well as the median family income.

The rise in median wages is expected because the median wage has risen by nearly 10% over the past decade, according to the association.

While the median earnings are up, the average income is also expected to fall.

The median earnings for men have been flat in 2020 compared to previous years, but are forecast to fall by almost 10% in 2021. 

The association added that it expects the wage increases for men to fall from 2020 to 2022.