What if an ex-girlfriend’s ex was a cop?

Citing unnamed sources, the Business Insider reports that the case of an ex who sued her ex-boyfriend after he sexually assaulted her and lied about it, could be the most high-profile in recent history.

The lawsuit claims that the alleged assault occurred in 2012, after they broke up, and that the former was subsequently falsely accused by the former’s ex-wife, and then by her ex, before eventually losing the case.

This is an important story that is only getting attention because of its size and the potential ramifications for women who may be the targets of domestic abuse.

The suit claims that “the defendant [the ex-partner] falsely and maliciously accused her of engaging in sexual activity with the defendant” and “falsely and maliciousally claimed that she was in the habit of engaging with the plaintiff and the defendant in sexual acts” on the night of March 23, 2014.

She also alleged that she “did not conspire to induce the defendant to engage in sexual conduct,” and that “after the defendant had consummated the sexual act with her, she was unable to maintain her innocence.”

The ex-man alleged that his ex-fiancee had been “unable to maintain [her] innocence because she is pregnant” and that her ex had “been the one to physically assault and molest her.”

He claimed that he and his ex had been on a “sexual break” the night before the alleged rape and that he had been able to get away with it.

She alleged that they were married at the time of the alleged crime, but that they broke off “in an attempt to be with their unborn child” and were not together during that break.

In the lawsuit, the ex-person claimed that his partner, who is still a police officer, “has been a violent, aggressive, and sexually violent person for years” and added that he was “sadly ashamed of the fact that I can never bring myself to call him my ‘boyfriend.'”

He alleged that “his partner had physically abused him, and the two of them have been in a relationship that is destructive and abusive,” but he was able to maintain his innocence because “the statute of limitations has run out on this claim.”

It was not clear what charges, if any, the case would eventually be brought against the ex.

In 2014, another ex-spouse filed a similar case against her former boyfriend, but it was later dropped.

According to Business Insider, the lawsuit was settled in March 2015, after an unspecified amount of money was paid to the ex’s ex.

The case is one of at least four pending lawsuits against an ex in the US in which an alleged crime was committed by the ex, which would be grounds for a criminal conviction.

The cases include two women who alleged that their ex had sexually assaulted them and one woman who alleged she had been assaulted by her former husband, who was a police sergeant.

The former woman also alleged in the lawsuit that she and her ex were married for seven years, but they broke it off because she was pregnant and “the ex has been a destructive, aggressive and sexually abusive person for more than 10 years.”

In all, there are five lawsuits currently pending against an alleged abuser of women in the United States.

The two cases are the first to involve alleged cases of domestic violence against an adult female partner, and are both being heard in federal court in Pennsylvania.