How to cheat on your wife, get married, and have kids

“My first time getting married was to a man with whom I had never been intimate before,” says Ms Sow, a senior research associate at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Population Health.

“I’d never been with a man before, I’d never had a relationship before.

And I didn’t think it was going to be the same, so I was looking forward to it.”

The first thing I do when I arrive at her apartment is ask her to show me her clothes.

“She puts them on, and I go in and she puts them back on, it’s not a chore,” she says.

“And then we start talking about how we want to have kids.”

Ms Sowerby and her husband, Dr John Sowerbys, have two boys, aged seven and six.

“The one I’m most excited about is that he’s going to go to school and I’m going to finish my PhD,” she adds.

“That’s what I’m really looking forward for.”

When Dr Sowerbins son, James, is a toddler, they want him to have a “big family”.

“That would mean more money for our family,” Ms Sowers says.

For their son, they’re looking for a father who is “in charge” of his life.

“He’s the man who is going to take care of me, who is the person that I want to spend time with, and that would mean a lot,” Ms Kays says.

Ms Sows hopes that by having a good relationship with a partner, she can make it happen.

“It’s something that I don’t want to do,” she admits.

“But I’m willing to do it.”

Ms Kears is keen to talk about her feelings of dissatisfaction with marriage in general, and marriage in particular.

She says her relationship with her husband is at a low point, and the two have had a “frustration and anger”.

Ms Kells is also unhappy about the amount of money she and her partner are spending on house and car repairs.

“We’re trying to get ahead of ourselves,” she tells the ABC.

My husband has said that he doesn’t think we should have children. But I don