Why Diogo Diario wants a second wife – Marca

This week, a newspaper in Chile published a series of articles revealing the secret life of former Juventus and Atletico Madrid midfielder, Diogo dios. 

The articles are said to have been written by an unnamed Italian journalist who has a long association with the Argentinean team, but the article has now gone viral on social media. 

In the article, the journalist describes how Diogo, who is currently out on loan at Inter Milan, was married to a woman he met while he was at the club. 

He describes the experience of their relationship and describes his feelings towards his wife, Marcela. 

“I’m happy with the way things turned out and I’m proud to have a family,” the journalist says in the article. 

However, there is a bit of a problem with the account given by the unnamed journalist. 

What actually happened? 

According to the Italian journalist, Diós wife had an affair with another woman while at Juventus. 

At the same time, the woman he was dating, Marci, was also married to another woman. 

It was Marci who had the affair with the man he was seeing at Juventus, and Marci left him when she was 18 years old. 

Marcela had a relationship with a man who was with Dió when he was in Atletico, but he had an ongoing relationship with another man when he left the club in 2014. 

Why was the journalist saying that he was married with a relationship? 

The journalist describes his marriage to Marcel, and how he wanted to get married to her, and that he wanted a second husband. 

But according to the article , he was rejected by both Marcell and Dió. 

This would make sense if it was true, because it would have made sense if he was with the woman, but it is not true. 

According the article by Marceli, Diario was rejected because the two women didn’t get along. 

There are several things going on here. 

First, Dioces marriage with Marcella was a short-lived affair, and he wanted his wife to stay with him. 

Then, the Italian newspaper says, he had to move to Italy for work, and it was in Italy that he married Marcelia. 

If Marcelama was a lover, it would be odd for Dió to be dating her and not her husband.

However, it is also possible that Marcelio Diocesi was jealous of Dió and wanted to make his own decisions, and marry another woman if Dió was not with her. 

Second, Marcello Diocedi is the same man who gave Dió the money to buy a house, and who gave him the money for the first time in his life. 

Third, Dios marriage to a prostitute was not the reason why he left Juventus.

Dió’s marriage to the woman was the reason for his decision to leave, not for her.

Lastly, Marca has said that the journalist was a complete liar and that they were not married with anything. 

Could the story of a journalist with a secret life be true? 


 In fact, it looks more like a hoax, because in the first two articles, the reporter says he met Dió at the Juventus training ground in Turin. 

And in the final article, he mentions that he and Dios were married when he arrived in Italy. 

Does this mean that the whole affair was fake? 

It could, but not without some questions to answer. 

Is it possible that this is the truth? 

If it is, this is one of the biggest scandals in recent years, and one that should have been handled by the media with some serious skepticism. 

As such, we will not be taking any chances here.

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