Matrimonial site ‘in danger’ after court decision in India

A New Delhi court has ordered a site for matrimony that is often used by women in India to be shut down, after the state government said it would seek compensation for the loss of income due to the court ruling.

The Supreme Court ordered a nationwide ban on matrimonic sites last year after a man, named in a 2013 Supreme Court judgment, said his wife’s website was being used for pornography.

The woman in question, a mother of four, was denied access to the site in December.

The court said the website was a “fraudulent and dishonest” one that did not comply with the Indian legal system.

The government appealed the order and on Wednesday, the high court struck down the order as unconstitutional.

The woman, who had been granted temporary access to her site in August, told The Associated Press she had been working as a domestic help at the time and that she had a legal issue with the government.

A government spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The AP has filed a criminal complaint against the woman for violating the ban on the website.

The court order came after the Supreme Court rejected a plea from the woman seeking an immediate stay of the ban, saying the ban was a temporary one that was needed to prevent the “pervasive use” of matrimonia by unmarried women.

The state government has said the ban will remain in place until a final decision is made on whether to grant temporary access.