Spanish judge orders couple to move to New York after divorce

The judge in the case that led to a split between a woman and her husband has ordered the couple to leave New York.

The judge made the decision Friday in a case brought by the wife and her brother.

Maria Ruiz de la Cruz was married for 11 years and divorced in 2003.

She said in court documents that she did not want to leave Spain, where she has lived since 2008.

In December, the judge found that the husband, Jose Ruiz, had not proved that Maria’s separation from her husband had been “reasonable” and ordered that she move to the United States.

The couple said they were considering leaving the United Kingdom, where the couple’s son lives, and would be filing an appeal.

In court papers, Maria’s lawyer, Fernando Garcia, said the couple had decided to leave the United Nations and their native Dominican Republic to escape the persecution of their countrymen in their native land.

Jose Ruis father, Juan Carlos Ruiz Sr., was sentenced to 10 years in prison for trying to sell the couple, saying they were being abused.

They have not been heard from since.

Maria was one of the more than 150 people from Puerto Rico to flee Puerto Rico in the wake of the hurricane.

She and her siblings fled to the Dominican Republic after her brother, Jose Luis, was sentenced in 2011 for allegedly stealing money from a Puerto Rican businessman.

Jose Luis is also in jail in the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo.

Juan Carlos said he did not know why his sister was being persecuted.

He also denied accusations that he is involved in a crime, saying he is not a fugitive.

His brother, Juan Antonio Ruiz da Silva, said he will appeal against the judge’s ruling, saying that his brother is innocent.

Maria has been in Puerto Rico since March and had been staying with her sister, Maria Rosa, in New York City, but had been forced to move into an apartment with relatives, Garcia said.

She had been living with a Puerto Rico resident who is also her husband.

Maria is the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, according to her lawyers.

Juan Antonio said she had been trying to help her brother and his family, but was being treated like a fugitive and his case was in the hands of the Dominican government.

Maria’s case has drawn criticism from some of Puerto Rico’s most powerful political figures, including former Gov.

Alejandro García Padilla, who criticized the ruling.

“It is a shocking development.

It is just wrong and shameful,” he said.

Padilla has said that he believes the couple should have stayed with their family in the United Republic, where they live in the Caribbean island nation of Dominica.

García said he was disappointed with the ruling and that the decision would be appealed.

He said he is hoping for the best for the family and that they will get justice for their family’s pain.

Garcia said the family is hoping to receive $5 million in damages from the judge, which could bring relief to the families of all those affected.

A federal judge ordered the judge to reconsider the ruling Friday after a public hearing.

Garcia and Maria had sought $50,000 in damages, but the judge ruled Friday that they could seek $50 million.

The ruling came as the Trump administration has sought to help the island’s struggling economy by slashing federal funding and delaying many programs.