How to Say “Deadly Matrimony” in the Philippines

A Philippine woman’s death in a brutal attack in a nightclub on Monday left her ex-boyfriend dead and a suspected killer hiding out in the country.

According to a statement by her husband, the woman, who was in the throes of an affair, was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by the alleged killer, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The victim, identified only as M.A., was found in the parking lot of the nightclub, surrounded by several people who tried to intervene but were unable to stop her attackers.

She died later at the hospital, police and hospital officials said.

M.A.’s boyfriend, 26-year-old Antonio B. Barric, allegedly tried to flee the scene but was killed when the police opened fire, according the Philippine Health Department.

Barrics’ mother, the Rev. Rosa Paz, said she was distraught and wanted to bury her daughter, but police said they were going to let her go.

“We are in grief over her death.

She was a good person and she wanted to become a doctor,” Paz told reporters at the morgue, where she is holding the body of her daughter.”

She had a big heart, a good personality, a lot of good traits,” she added.

“She was very beautiful.”

The couple was married for five years and had been together for six years.

The two were reportedly engaged for six months before the attack.

The suspect, identified as J.C., a man who is suspected of the assault, is still at large.

Police have said that the suspect is the same man who allegedly killed B.A. Barrios in the early hours of March 3 in the same nightclub.

Barrizos, who is from Manila, was killed in an ambush by two suspected killers, who escaped in a vehicle, police said.

The victims were later found to be dead.

The Philippines has been plagued by violence linked to a string of killings of drug dealers and other suspected criminals.

The killings have been blamed on a local mob, led by an influential drug lord, and some of the suspects have been killed.

The Philippines is a haven for drug traffickers and a source of drug money for the Philippines.