When you are raped, you are not the rapist

When a woman is raped, the man who commits the crime is not the aggressor.

That is the law of Texas.

When a man is raped by a woman, the rapist is not, according to Texas.

And it is the man, not the woman, who is the perpetrator of rape.

When the man rapes a woman he is not “the aggressor,” he is the victim.

If the rapist does not commit rape, he cannot commit the crime.

And if he does not rape, then he cannot be considered a rapist.

In Texas, rapists are not punished as the law mandates.

And in the United States, it is not clear why the law is different in Texas.

But Texas law is a strange and bizarre blend of the worst elements of the law-and-order mindset, with the law on the books being the law in a strange country.

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