How to decide between marriage and cohabitation, by David Odean, July 15, 2018

I have a few thoughts on the topic of cohabiting and whether it’s a good idea. 

I believe that it’s good for a couple to get married and to live together and have children. 

It’s not necessarily the right decision for everyone, and there are some who will disagree with this. 

For some, it may even be the wrong decision. 

That’s why the Church does not allow cohabitants to be baptized. 

So while cohabitating is good for those who have been married, I don’t think it’s the right choice for everyone. 

The Church is very clear about what is and is not allowed: cohabitant with someone of the same sex, and married cohabitting. 

 It also says: No one can be married to more than one person of the opposite sex. 

(I believe this is the most important rule in the Church’s teaching on marriage, since it is what defines the union as valid.) 

So it’s not the right answer for everybody. 

For some, marriage may be a more fulfilling life than cohabancy. 

That’s why some of the more conservative Catholics have been saying that it is okay for married co-habitats to have children, even if they have sex with other men. 

Some people may find it okay for cohabitors to have sex, but it’s okay for single people to have it. 

But there is a lot of debate about what constitutes adultery, for example. 

And there are people who think that cohabitated couples should be celibate. 

The Church has been clear that celibacy is not something to be celebrated and celebrated. 

When married cohabilitants are living together, they may be doing so in a state of sexual continence, but they should not have sex.

There are also a few people who would consider cohabitations to be unnatural and wrong. 

I have no doubt that the Church would like people to be faithful to the Word of God, but I don. 

In the end, I think cohabitism is a good thing. 

It may even help to build the church, as it will help build the Church of Jesus Christ.