How to make your own Valentine’s Day card

I never thought I’d have to tell you that my boyfriend’s Valentine’s day card was actually a real card, but that’s not how it turned out.

The card was the work of a young man named Eric from the small town of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Eric is also an artist and a talented writer, and his card was designed by a fellow Coloradoan named Eric Schuster.

The artist and writer used Photoshop to create the card, which is printed on sturdy cardstock and features a small smiley face in the middle of a card of roses.

Eric’s wife, Beth, who is a college student, said she thought it was adorable and thought it would make a great card for Valentine’s night.

Eric said the card was made from recycled paper, and he’s hoping to sell it for $500, so it’s not just a cute Valentine’s card for the ladies.

If you like what you see, check out Eric’s story on his blog and Twitter.