Which team has the best chance of dethroning the Los Angeles Clippers?

The Los Angeles Lakers will get a fresh look at the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in Kevin Durant, but it’s unlikely to be the same team that they’ve been for the last few seasons.

The Lakers are hoping Durant, who missed the playoffs last season with a torn meniscus, can come back with a vengeance, but that could mean taking a step back from the offense they have been able to build in recent years.

Los Angeles will have a lot of competition in free agency, with the likes of DeMarcus Cousins, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose, Kawhi Leonard, Kawai Leonard, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Trump all competing for spots on the roster.

That will create an interesting dynamic for the Lakers to watch.

If Durant comes back with the right attitude, they could go after another superstar in the summertime.

But if he starts playing like an MVP-caliber player, it could be hard for him to get back into the starting lineup.

The Clippers will also be looking to get a lot better off the bench.

They have a roster of players who could be a huge upgrade over last season’s starting five, including Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Blake Griffin and Paul Millsap.

The L.A. Clippers are in a great position this season.

They won’t be spending a lot to get Durant, as they have a number of talented players in free Agency and are already set up to have a solid core of players in place.

The Warriors will be hoping to build on a title run in 2016-17 and are looking to bring back Steph Curry for the 2019-20 season.

Curry was able to lead the Warriors to their second championship in five years with MVP awards.

The Celtics have the luxury of having Kevin Garners back next season, but the team will also need to contend to keep up with the Cavs in the East.

They will have to look to the future and develop their young core of talent.

Celtics fans may not have been too thrilled with their roster last season, which was filled with players who are just a few years older than Durant.

But this could be another season where the Celtics can look to develop their roster with Durant’s return.

Boston’s core of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garneson will be the main attraction, but they will have some young talent to contend with.

They’ll have a chance to put together a big team this season if Durant returns to form.

The Thunder will look to make a deep run in the Western Conference this season and bring back Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant to help them.

Westbrook is one of the most dominant players in the NBA, and he will bring an energy and toughness to the Thunder that is missing from last season.

The Thunder are looking for a big year from Westbrook.

Durant’s presence is definitely a huge addition for the Thunder, but this will also give them a big edge in the Eastern Conference, especially against the Cavs.